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Download the latest manual for the Mac OS version of Crammit

A few notes about access to the files in the private Downloads area…
  • When you purchase a copy of Crammit for Mac, you are automatically granted access to the private "Downloads" area. See the PayPal button below.
  • The email address that you used to make your purchase via PayPal is your passcode to get into the Downloads area.
  • Once a purchase is made, it may take up to 48 hours for the site to be updated with your login. George does the best he can, but he's a busy motherfucker….
  • There are almost 2000 ,JCF files available for download to registered users of this site. Once you pay your access/membership fee, all downloads are free.
  • All these authentic .jcf files have been meticulously collected, vetted, renamed, and curated. This collection represents 99.9% of all the files that Jammit ever created. Crammit is not selling the files per se, simply charging a small fee to offset the management of the collection and site maintenance costs.
  • When a file is downloaded, depending on your unzipping software, the .jcf extension may get stripped off. Simply add ".jcf" to the unzipped folder, and that will be enough to convince Crammit or any other application that uses this file format to open the file successfully.
  • Do not fuck with the contents of the folders! Don't rename or delete anything! This is bad. We are not responsible for injury or illness as a result of fucking with the folders.
  • If you find an issue with a particular file, please be kind enough to inform George as quickly a possible. He will fix it.
  • If you did not receive the files that you bought from the official site, and somehow wanted to recover them here, you'll have to talk to Scott Humphrey, the CEO of Jammit. He's got your money. Word on the street is that he's a lovely chap, and very reasonable. Just kidding…

And finally…
Crammit is in not connected with Jammit Inc, legally, financially, or by marriage. Crammit is solely the love child of a dedicated musician and computer hobbyist who got ripped off buying Jammit songs, just like you did!
Thanks for your support!

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