The world's best replacement for Jammit on Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Download and play any Jammit file for free. Export AIFF, WAV, MP3 and PDF scores.

Crammit is a new Macintosh OS X, iOS, and Windows 10 application that lets you continue to enjoy your Jammit music files.

After months of painstaking engineering, Crammit actually improves on the original Jammit app in many ways:
  • search for, download, and play any song in the Jammit library.
  • decompress and export Jammit .jcf files
  • export audio in AIFF, WAV, or MP4 format
  • export a separate click track with accented downbeats in any audio format
  • export printable PDF scores for tablature, drum, single, and double staff
  • play your downloaded Jammit songs in a player and mixer window, allowing you to:
    * mute individual tracks in any
    Jammit file
    * adjust the volume of each track in a
    Jammit file
    * loop sections
    * play back at a reduced speed without changing pitch

Crammit will NOT remove vocals or individual instruments in a plain stereo WAV, AIFF, or MP3 file. Volume and muting operations will only work on files downloaded from the Jammit library of songs.

ComCast Users
Crammit may not be able to download file when ComCast extended security is switched on, as this website may have been blacklisted as "untrusted" before the security certificate was installed and certified in August of 2021. If that is the case, please contact your Comcast customer service representative and request that website be whitelisted.



If you got too excited and missed the download link for the app after purchasing it via PayPal, you can always get the app directly from either the Windows Beta or Mac Beta tabs on this website. Simply log in using the email address you purchased Crammit with.

Please do not email Crammit support wondering why you never received a code, installer, zip file, or anything like that, cuz that's not how it works!

Windows Note
PS -
Windows users need to run their sound cards in 44.1k 16 bit exclusive mode due to the comparative ancientness of the original files…

You can easily purchase Crammit for Mac or Windows by clicking the appropriate PayPal button below…

For windows support issues, contact

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- Disclaimer -
Crammit is in no way associated with the now-defunct Jammit Inc. All music file downloads are not for sale per se. Crammit is only selling access to the stored collection in order to recoup costs associated with running this site and for development of Crammit for both Mac and Windows.