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January 2020

Site update!

A couple of minor tweaks to the website… Download access only is longer being offered as a separate purchase. Those who have purchased it already, still have valid accounts, but I'm finding it too much overhead to be constantly refunding accidental purchases from people who have bout a version of Crammit!

That purchase item is a holdover from the early days of Crammit where it was only an exporter, and not a player. Now that all versions can download directly from within the app and then unpack and play (not to mention export!), it seems silly to maintain this legacy purchase item.

I call it progress!

Happy New Year

2020 finds us in a pretty good place. Stable versions of all formats now! Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Now I'm looking forward to the last link in the Jammit Chain… Recording! My new year's resolution is to add Recording to Crammit. You heard it here first.